Abstracts outlining the research projects completed by Dr. Lockwood to date on treadmill training have been attached for your review. Research was completed at Brock University as an independent investigator with ethical approval obtained from the university’s research ethics board.


  1. Habituation of 10-year-old hockey players to treadmill skating
  2. Validation of a skating treadmill protocol for assessing anaerobic capacity
  3. Validation of a skating treadmill protocol for assessing maximal oxygen uptake
  4. Eight week expression of anaerobic training using a skating treadmill
  5. The effect of a plyometrics program intervention on skating speed in junior hockey players
  6. An analysis of stride length versus stride rate over eight weeks of training on a skating treadmill
  7. Development of goalie-specific dryland training
  8. From treadmill to ice at two years old
  9. Degree of separation in elite ice hockey players
  10. The effect of an eight week treadmill training program on the on-ice skating performance in minor league youth hockey players
  11. Plastic Ice: An effective training device for athletes in on ice sports?
  12. Infrastructure & Expertise: Effective training through all stages of the long term athlete develop model
  13. The effect of an eight session skate treadmill and agility training program on the degree of separation (DOS) in ice hockey players
  14. The effect of a stickhandling and puck control (SPC) training intervention on wrist shot performance variables in female collegiate ice hockey players
  15. Analysis of push mechanics in elite wheelchair basketball players
  16. Infrastructure & Expertise: a model to investigate effective training through long term athlete development
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