Dr. Lockwood has spent the last 15 years researching best practices in athlete's development and specifically treadmill training. This research has provided the foundation upon which The Skating Lab was developed and currently operates. The original Skating Lab (2001-present) was established at Brock University to host ongoing research that continues to validate and develop methodologies in treadmill training. Research outcomes allow us to continue to offer unique and sport-specific testing and training opportunities for developing through to elite level athletes in all Skating Lab locations.

The Skating Lab Inc., Toronto opened it's doors in June, 2006. This site is a commercial spin off venture - representative of the point at where experts in training research and business development met. Dr. Lockwood and Mr. Barton Miller bring this combination of expertise to The Skating Lab Inc. in hopes of offering a quality service to the hockey community.

The Skating Lab is an unparallel leader in the delivery of programs, services and expertise in treadmill training in North America. The success of our athletes reflects our ability to bridge the gap between scientific research and best practices in training.

We've got training down to a science.